Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Social Development and AD/HD

February 16th, 2010: Social skills are a better predictor of positive outcomes in adulthood than IQ scores!  Does your child realize when they are getting too loud, bossy, or are monopolizing the conversation?  Or do they appear unfriendly and too preoccupied?   Is it hard to have a reciprocal conversation with them, about an important matter, that doesn’t suddenly make them defensive and hostile?    Are you concerned that when they grow up that they may never know what it means to have a best friend?  CHADD’s Parent Group will be welcoming Nicole Beurkens, Director of Horizons Developmental Remediation Center, http://www.horizonsdrc.com, who will be discussing Social Development and AD/HD. She will provide strategies for improving social skills for individuals with AD/HD and related disorders. If you missed it, she will be discussing this topic again, but will be tailoring it for our adult group meeting on April 6th.


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